CD Reingold "Universe" 1999
CD The Flower Kings "Space revolver" 2000
CD Midnight sun "Metal machine" 2001
CD Karmakanic "Entering the spectra" 2002
CD Reptillian "Thunderblaze" 2002
CD Tomas Bodin "Pinup Guru" 2002
CD Time Requiem "Time requiem" 2002
CD Opus Atlantica "Opus Atlantica" 2002
CD The Flower Kings "Unfold the future" 2002
CD Kaipa "Notes from the past" 2002
CD Kaipa "Keyholder" 2003
CD The tangent "The music that died alone" 2003
DVD The flower Kings "Meet the Flower Kings" 2003
CD The flower Kings "Meet the Flower Kings" 2003
CD Flood gate "Open the flood gate" 2003
CD Arena Sweden "2003"
CD Time Requiem "Unleashed in Japan" 2003
CD Tomas Bodin "Sonic Bulevard" 2003
CD Space Odyssey "Embrace the Galaxy" 2003
CD Karmakanic "Wheel of life" 2004
CD Tangent "The world that we drive through" 2004
CD The Flower Kings "Adam & Eve" 2004
CD Yohanna Troell "Thank you for nothing" 2004
CD Time Requiem "The inner circle of reality" 2003